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Historical Semantics and Cognition
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Introduction: historical semantics and cognition / Blank, Andreas / Koch, Peter -- Section I. Theories and Models -- Cognitive Semantics and Structural Semantics / Taylor, John R. -- Diachronic semantics: towards a unified theory of language change? / Lüdtke, Helmut -- Why do new meanings occur? A cognitive typology of the motivations for lexical semantic change / Blank, Andreas -- Diachronic prototype semantics. A digest / Geeraerts, Dirk -- Cognitive semantics and diachronic semantics: the values and evolution of classes / Rastier, François -- Section II. Descriptive categories -- Losing control: grammaticization, subjectification, and transparency / Langacker, Ronald W. -- The rhetoric of counter-expectation in semantic change: a study in subjectifícation / Closs Traugott, Elizabeth -- Synecdoche as a cognitive and communicative strategy / Nerlich, Brigitte / Clarke, David D. -- Laws of thought, knowledge and lexical change / Warren, Beatrice -- Section III. Case studies -- Intensifies as targets and sources of semantic change / König, Ekkehard / Siemund, Peter -- Cognitive ease and lexical borrowing: the recategorization of body parts in Romance / Krefeld, Thomas -- Cognitive aspects of semantic change and polysemy: the semantic space HAVE/BE / Koch, Peter -- List of contributors -- Index

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